Mercedes-Benz Roadshow event

December 2016

For the whole September, Tempo BTL team organised the Mercedes-Benz Roadshow event.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most premium car brands, and its customers want to feel like a privileged group. That’s why we gave a feeling of exclusivity to the event and make clear to brand fans that they’ve been specially selected to be invited to the World of the Stars.

The Mercedes-Benz world is a land of refinement, elegance, savoir-vivre, it’s a sample of a lifestyle, not just a car brand. So, for 3 weekends in September we gave Mercedes-Benz top clients and potential ones a taste of the life of the global elite, represented by the World of the Stars and also the unique chance to test the newest Mercedes-Benz models and discover their attributes.

This event had 4 famous brand ambassadors involved: Andreea Esca, Andi Moisescu, Catalin Stefanescu and Camelia Potec.

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