METRO – Champions of Christmas

December 2016

How do we know the winter holidays are coming?

Every year there are the same signs. The stores, the restaurants, coffee shops and all those other small businesses get decorated for Christmas and spread the red and green jolly feeling. And then, the holiday shopping race begins – first for companies and then for all of us.

METRO, the long-time supporter of small businesses, decided for this holiday season, to give the owners the credit they deserve for their relentless determination in achieving success, like the true champions they are.

So, we decided that it was time for the entrepreneurs from Matei & Fiul small shop and Vagonul de Gatit restaurant, to join forces once again and prove that when it comes to shopping at METRO, they can move with such determination that surpasses even Rocky Balboa himself.

Besides the TV communication, the campaign signed by Tempo includes online, radio and instore executions.

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